Wigs 4 Kids

Help us change a sick child’s life by making them feel
more confident.

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Ensuring all donated hair stays right here in Australia. 

Each wig is carefully matched to the child’s natural colour and style to make them feel more confident

Proudly donates 1 hair brush to provide the delicate care needed for every wig made.

How it works


Your hair will be made into a wig for a child that has cancer.


All money raised will help kids and their families financially

  • Annika Dhu just donated $261
  • Little Bec just donated $20.88
  • Sharon just donated $20.88
  • Trish Barrett just donated $36.54
  • Aunty Von and Uncle Roy Chapman just donated $36.54
  • Adele Rob just donated $104.40
  • Uncle Paul & Girls Aldridge just donated $39.67
  • Maddi Sherman just donated $10
  • Brooke Sawyer just donated $10.44
  • Gill Murphy just donated $52.20
  • Melissa Nattrass just donated $52.20
  • The Wade Family just donated $31.32
  • The Pennas just donated $20
  • Danielle Sterzl just donated $20.88
  • David Valentine just donated $41.76
  • Liz O'Brien just donated $36.54
  • Kicco McLaren Vale just donated $156.60
  • Sharyn Trav Amber Saph & Eli just donated $78.30
  • Deanna Davey just donated $10.44
  • Deb & Ray Weeks just donated $52.20


Be Inspired

Sapphire, QLD

When Sapphire became aware that kids who are being treated for cancer lost their hair, she worried that they might feel bad and uncomfortable at school etc. She said she realised that her own hair would grow back easily so she could donate it so that another child would have hair too and have one less thing to worry about

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