The Charity

How long has Kids with Cancer Foundation been in operation?

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Kids with Cancer Foundation commenced in 1998 with the aim to provide funding for: childhood cancer sufferers, their families, children’s hospitals, and other institutions that assist children with cancer.

Are you a Charity?

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We are a registered Australian charity with the 'Australian Charities & Not-For-Profits Commission' (ACNC). The Foundation is a non-profit Public Benevolent Institution (PBI), a status originally granted by the Australian Tax Office, Australian charities are not issued with a charity number. For reporting reasons and to save confusion between similar-sounding names all Australian charities are required to have an individual ABN, ours is 99 095 779 114. PBI's that once reported to ASIC are now required to report annually to ACNC and documentation on all registered charities can be found there.

How much have you provided?

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Since 1998 we have given away over $32 million to 10 Australian children's hospitals and families throughout Australia.

The Programme

Can I donate my hair that's been dyed, highlighted, permed or chemically straightened?

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Ella Wigs will accept dyed hair, including semi-permanent, foils, bleach, henna or chemically straightened.

How long does my hair need to be?

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Hair needs to be a minimum length of 20cm clean and dry.

Where can I get my hair cut for Wigs 4 Kids™?

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We do not require certified specialists to cut ponytails for donating hair to Wigs 4 Kids™; you may go to any salon you choose or you may cut the hair yourself.

What do I do with my hair once it is cut?

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Place hair in a plastic zip lock bag with a note, saying that you have cut your hair for Kids with Cancer Foundation and send to

Ella Wigmakers, PO Box 9200, Wyoming NSW 2250.

How much does a wig cost for a child needing one? and does the child have to pay for the wig?

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The price of each wig is $2,750 as they are hand made to fit each individual child's head measurements.  Each wig takes around 40 hours to make.

The wigs are provided FREE to a child needing one.  The funds raised from this campaign cover the cost of the wig.