Be Inspired

Tiarna, NSW

Joined Wigs 4 Kids to make a child feel special again!

Lucy, NSW

Wanted to make a child feel special smile

Lexi, NSW

Lexi was inspired by her friend April that battled cancer a few years ago, and how she had wigs donated to her. Remembering her friend, Lexi jumped at the chance to help other kids in their battle. Although she was nervious about cutting her hair, she knew what other kids were going through with cancer was alot harder.

Adele, NSW

Gorgeous 6 year old Adele making a difference.

Bree, QLD

In August 2020 my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. The last 6 months have been an emotional roller coaster watching her go through a major surgery, chemotherapy and now totally rocking her bald head and I’m so incredibly proud of her. My sister and I both have young families (3 children each) and we cannot even begin to imagine the pain and suffering the children and families go through when a child is diagnosed with cancer. 

Violet, NSW

She is 6 and decided to cut her hair to send it in to make wigs. 

Willow, NSW

I spent a lot of time in hospital when I had a bone infection and met lots of fantastic kids who had lost their hair. Once I was better I was inspired to donate my hair so that if they wanted a wig they could have one, so I grew my hair for a long time. I’m so happy to donate my hair, and hope it makes someone happy.

Valencia, NSW

We pray for the healing of all the sick children and hope that my fundraiser can make a difference to the sick kids and their families. 


I just love to do little things here and there that can really help someone especially kids going through a really tough time.

Adele, NSW

Started growing my hair on 6month campervan trip around australia 4 years ago.  Recently fell and broke my wrist. Having difficulty caring for my long hair, so it got the chop, for a good cause.

Urika, NSW

Making a sick child feel a little more normal.


Was having her first haircut ever, in five years. She thought it might be kind to share her hair with a sick child and hopefully bring them some happiness. 

Poppy, NSW

Cut her hair to help a sick child.

Lacey & Neve, NSW

Mum wrote "I was shocked at such a young age they wanted to do it. Blew my mind"

Olivia, NSW

My name is Olivia and I’m 7yrs old. When I found out that some children have cancer and lose or can’t grow their own hair, I decided to donate my hair to help make wigs for kids in need. I’ve been growing my hair for two years and Im super excited and happy to donate it. I had 25cm cut off and love my new style. I also raised $1340.

Keesha, NSW

Wanting to make a child feel a little more normal.

Jorga, NSW

Jorga, cut her hair to make a child feel special.

Tillara, NSW

Humbled to be donating her hair to a child being treated for cancer.

Seema, NSW

Making a difference in kids lives!

Mathilde, NSW

It wasn't initially my plan to donate my hair, all I knew was that it was time for a hair cut. However, after doing some thinking, I realised, I didn't want my hair to go to waste and it wouldn't take much to help make a kid's day. It was definitely worth it and I know I'll be doing it again! 

Cheryl, NSW

Nothing would make me happier than bringing a smile on a child's face. 

Riley, NSW

After not cutting his hair for a couple of years.. 2 years ago he decided he wanted to grow his hair and have it cut for wigs for kids with cancer. 

Ashlee, NSW

Wanting to make a difference by donating her hair

Mikayla Rose, NSW

Making a difference in kids lives TODAY!!

Tracey, NSW

Wanting to make a difference to a sick child.

Isabelle, QLD

Was inspired by her best friend Mia to cut hers off too and sent it down to Ella. 

Alice, NSW

Madeline, VIC

Chopped her hair to make a difference in a child life!

Allexa, WA

I decided to donate my hair for the kids, it's always for the kids. :) 

Kim, NSW

My story is, after 2020, I feel I am so lucky and I want to do something for others.

Georgie, NSW

I decided to donate some hair as Cancer has affected several members of my family and I hope that the wig made from my hair will make a child with cancer feel better about themself. 

Astrid, NSW

I sent my hair last Thursday and I just loved the whole experience. 

Lily, NSW

I just thought that if it was me in that situation, I'd want access to a wig in my natural hair colour, and I am well aware that red hair is rare in the first place, let alone natural and unchanged red hair, so I just thought that I would donate my hair, in the same way I'd want someone to do for me if I was suffering from cancer. 

Amber & Helen Goodstart QLD

I had been thinking I had more hair than I needed and this sparked the idea that if I grew it as long as I could we could donate my hair to kids in need. When I found your website I knew this was the path we would take as it seemed more personal, less commercialised and like our goal to donate our hair to children would actually come into fruition.

Sidney, NSW

Was thrilled her hair was finally long enough and is starting the growing process anew!

Monique, VIC

I am 23 years old and donated a large length of hair just over a year ago and set to growing my hair again to donate again to help a young child feel beautiful again ?  it is the least I can do to by doing my part every few years and I endeavour to continue doing this for years to come ??

Edward, VIC

Proudly donating his lovely long hair to a child needing to feel more confident :)

Scarlett, QLD

Chopped her hair for her Birthday to help a sick child.


This is the second time I donated my hair, the previous one was in Argentina, the country where I came from back in Dec 2018. Since then I kept my hair growing to be able to donate 35 cm. This hair has the strength of a pregnancy and it's full of joyful moments with my baby girl. I just feel this is a way to be grateful, I hope this makes a kid to feel stronger, happier and full of the love from us and the supporters.


Julia, VIC

Donating her hair to help make a difference.

Alyce, NSW

Chopped her lovely long hair to make a child feel special 

Billy, WA

Doing it for Kids with Cancer!

Amitie, SA

Was so excited about cutting her hair that she had been growing for a year!