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Tiarna, NSW

Joined Wigs 4 Kids to make a child feel special again!

Tiarna, NSW

Joined Wigs 4 Kids to make a child feel special again!

Lucy, NSW

Wanted to make a child feel special smile

Lexi, NSW

Lexi was inspired by her friend April that battled cancer a few years ago, and how she had wigs donated to her. Remembering her friend, Lexi jumped at the chance to help other kids in their battle. Although she was nervious about cutting her hair, she knew what other kids were going through with cancer was alot harder.

Adele, NSW

Gorgeous 6 year old Adele making a difference.

Bree, QLD

In August 2020 my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. The last 6 months have been an emotional roller coaster watching her go through a major surgery, chemotherapy and now totally rocking her bald head and I’m so incredibly proud of her. My sister and I both have young families (3 children each) and we cannot even begin to imagine the pain and suffering the children and families go through when a child is diagnosed with cancer. 

Violet, NSW

She is 6 and decided to cut her hair to send it in to make wigs. 

Willow, NSW

I spent a lot of time in hospital when I had a bone infection and met lots of fantastic kids who had lost their hair. Once I was better I was inspired to donate my hair so that if they wanted a wig they could have one, so I grew my hair for a long time. I’m so happy to donate my hair, and hope it makes someone happy.

Valencia, NSW

We pray for the healing of all the sick children and hope that my fundraiser can make a difference to the sick kids and their families. 


I just love to do little things here and there that can really help someone especially kids going through a really tough time.

Adele, NSW

Started growing my hair on 6month campervan trip around australia 4 years ago.  Recently fell and broke my wrist. Having difficulty caring for my long hair, so it got the chop, for a good cause.

Urika, NSW

Making a sick child feel a little more normal.


Was having her first haircut ever, in five years. She thought it might be kind to share her hair with a sick child and hopefully bring them some happiness. 

Poppy, NSW

Cut her hair to help a sick child.

Lacey & Neve, NSW

Mum wrote "I was shocked at such a young age they wanted to do it. Blew my mind"

Olivia, NSW

My name is Olivia and I’m 7yrs old. When I found out that some children have cancer and lose or can’t grow their own hair, I decided to donate my hair to help make wigs for kids in need. I’ve been growing my hair for two years and Im super excited and happy to donate it. I had 25cm cut off and love my new style. I also raised $1340.

Keesha, NSW

Wanting to make a child feel a little more normal.

Jorga, NSW

Jorga, cut her hair to make a child feel special.

Tillara, NSW

Humbled to be donating her hair to a child being treated for cancer.

Seema, NSW

Making a difference in kids lives!

Mathilde, NSW

It wasn't initially my plan to donate my hair, all I knew was that it was time for a hair cut. However, after doing some thinking, I realised, I didn't want my hair to go to waste and it wouldn't take much to help make a kid's day. It was definitely worth it and I know I'll be doing it again! 

Cheryl, NSW

Nothing would make me happier than bringing a smile on a child's face. 

Riley, NSW

After not cutting his hair for a couple of years.. 2 years ago he decided he wanted to grow his hair and have it cut for wigs for kids with cancer. 

Ashlee, NSW

Wanting to make a difference by donating her hair

Mikayla Rose, NSW

Making a difference in kids lives TODAY!!

Tracey, NSW

Wanting to make a difference to a sick child.

Isabelle, QLD

Was inspired by her best friend Mia to cut hers off too and sent it down to Ella. 

Alice, NSW

Madeline, VIC

Chopped her hair to make a difference in a child life!

Allexa, WA

I decided to donate my hair for the kids, it's always for the kids. :) 

Kim, NSW

My story is, after 2020, I feel I am so lucky and I want to do something for others.

Georgie, NSW

I decided to donate some hair as Cancer has affected several members of my family and I hope that the wig made from my hair will make a child with cancer feel better about themself. 

Astrid, NSW

I sent my hair last Thursday and I just loved the whole experience. 

Lily, NSW

I just thought that if it was me in that situation, I'd want access to a wig in my natural hair colour, and I am well aware that red hair is rare in the first place, let alone natural and unchanged red hair, so I just thought that I would donate my hair, in the same way I'd want someone to do for me if I was suffering from cancer. 

Amber & Helen Goodstart QLD

I had been thinking I had more hair than I needed and this sparked the idea that if I grew it as long as I could we could donate my hair to kids in need. When I found your website I knew this was the path we would take as it seemed more personal, less commercialised and like our goal to donate our hair to children would actually come into fruition.

Sidney, NSW

Was thrilled her hair was finally long enough and is starting the growing process anew!

Monique, VIC

I am 23 years old and donated a large length of hair just over a year ago and set to growing my hair again to donate again to help a young child feel beautiful again ?  it is the least I can do to by doing my part every few years and I endeavour to continue doing this for years to come ??

Edward, VIC

Proudly donating his lovely long hair to a child needing to feel more confident :)

Scarlett, QLD

Chopped her hair for her Birthday to help a sick child.


This is the second time I donated my hair, the previous one was in Argentina, the country where I came from back in Dec 2018. Since then I kept my hair growing to be able to donate 35 cm. This hair has the strength of a pregnancy and it's full of joyful moments with my baby girl. I just feel this is a way to be grateful, I hope this makes a kid to feel stronger, happier and full of the love from us and the supporters.


Julia, VIC

Donating her hair to help make a difference.

Alyce, NSW

Chopped her lovely long hair to make a child feel special 

Billy, WA

Doing it for Kids with Cancer!

Amitie, SA

Was so excited about cutting her hair that she had been growing for a year!

Nethuli, NSW

Grew her hair for the last 5 years and was so pleased to donate it for Children less fortunate.

Daniella, NSW

To me, if you have the minimum length of hair to donate, go for it! It is such a small act but means absolutely everything for a young child with cancer. I started growing my hair out in 2019 and had 40cm of hair cut off in October 2021. By donating my hair, I want a child to feel extra special and bring some more happiness to their life

Charlize & Olivia, NSW

Sisters very excited to be donating their hair.


McKenna, SA

Making a difference in a Child's life!

Annalise & Cartia, NSW

Sisters donating to a great cause!

Joanne, NSW


Hi I’m a 14 year old who wants to care for others and I hope that sending apart of me can help others who want it more than me. I really hope this can help someone cope through hard times.

Emma, Vic

Emma's mum wrote... It was a great thing that she was so onboard when I mentioned it to her a few months ago if she would like to donate her hair. As she is doing calisthenics and had to keep her long hair for the competition, as soon as that was over for this year, we cut the hair the following day. Then they had their Christmas party with the club few days after and it was a great conversation starter and I think it might encourage other girls to do the same. 

 Super proud of her! 

 Also, I would like to say thank you to the organisation for your amazing work! 

Amelia, Vic

Made her mum super proud chopping off her beautiful long hair to donate to a child in need.

Anelise, SA

Wanting to make a sick child feel a little more normal.

Jemima, NSW

Donated her hair to make another child feel special!


The 15th of January 2021 will forever and always be embedded in my brain, it was the day Emilia was diagnosed with  T-Cell ALL (leukemia).

Emilia had turned 2 the month before her diagnosis.
She underwent 9 months of intensive chemotherapy treatment and as a result, lost her hair twice in that time.
I am doing this to help raise some money to go towards Emilia and other children faced with a cancer diagnosis. And instead of getting a hair cut and the hair going to waste and ending in the bin, I will be donating it, in the hopes in can be used to go towards making a wig for a child and hopefully it will make them feel even more special than they already are.


The reason why I did it was I would love to help anyone I can and I couldn’t think of anything more heartwarming then providing a child with a smile


Donated her hair to make a difference in a young Child's Life!

Matt, QLD

It's very comforting to know that this will make a real difference ? 

Sienna, QLD

Making a difference in young childrens lives :)

Mitchell, NT

Chopped his long hair to make a difference to a sick childs life!

Pat, TAS

Making a difference to the lives of Kids with Cancer!

Zoe, Vic

Donated her extremely long hair to help a sick child feel a liitle more normal!

Maya, SA

I am 11 years old. I recently cut my very long hair and I wanted to give it to someone who needs a wig because they have cancer.

Ellah, NSW

Was extremely happy to be able to donate her hair.

Grace, NSW

I am happy to be able to help sick kids when they have no hair from being sick, so they can feel better.

Sophie, NSW

Hope's her hair is useful and can be a blessing to someone else.

Ingrid NSW,

Making a difference to the lives of sick kids innocent

Lillian, NSW

Wanting to make a difference to a child needing a wig :)

Lotti, TAS

Making a difference in sick kids lives!!!

Ruby, Lily & Zoey

Excited to be donating their hair with Zoey having her first ever hair cut!

Maddi, Vic

So excited to be donating her hair to a child in need.

Hollie, Vic

Donated her hair to make a difference :)

Gabriella Vic,

Super excited to donate her lovely long hair :)

Nicole, NSW

Excited to be making a difference to a young child by donating her hair.

Samson, VIC

Cut his very long hair, to benefit another child.

Izzy, Vic

Excited to be Posting her hair off to Ella Wigmakers :)

Glen He, SA

Donating his hair to make a sick child feel more normal.

Michelle, NSW

I have had long hair since I was 8 years old and thinking about the children who have been through or are going through battles of cancer and illness and lost their hair truly breaks my heart. 

I lost my beautiful mum to cancer 5 years ago now, when she was going through her treatment and lost all her hair I desperately wanted to do the same to support her, however I never had the courage. 

To this day I never stopped thinking about cutting my hair so finally I made the decision. Knowing that I was courageous and had the strength my mum gave me all along. 

I hope my hair donation can be made into a beautiful wig for a gorgeous little person to enjoy. 


Kirra-Lee, NSW

Wanted to get her hair cut off to support kids with cancer that have lost their hair and when I told her she could actually donate her hair to make wigs for those kids she was even more excited so we looked into it and she had to donate minimum 20cm and ended up donating 25cm.

Fraser, VIC

So excited to be donating his hair.

Lily NSW,

Wanted to donate her hair to make kids feel special throughout their treatment. She would like to make another donation in the future.


Donating his hair seemed like a great idea as there are many kids who need it. Just sharing the love!!


Donating her beautiful hair to make a sick child feel a bit more confident.


I decided to donate my hair to Wigs 4 Kids because my friends had donated their hair and I thought it was a really good cause to support. I wanted to get my hair cut anyway, so it was awesome that instead of just being thrown away, my hair was able to impact a kid's life during a really challenging time for them.


Excited to donate her hair to make a sick child feel a little more normal.


Excited to help sick kids by cutting her long hair 

Chanelle, NSW

Making a difference to the lives of sick kids!

Ebony, NSW

Over the years Ebony & her mum have spent a lot of time at Sydney Childrens Hospital in Randwick, and were always amazed at the strength and resilience of the kids going through chemo because of their various types of cancer.

So, we have made the decision to cut Ebony's beautiful long hair and donate it. 


As a 10 week old baby, Sienna had life-saving open heart surgery and saw what the charity Heartkids did to help her family through such a difficult time. She has also supported Heartkids along with Cancer Council through organising  several charity events with a friend at her primary school. She was also the ambassador for the Two kids and a Heartbeat charity walk in the Illawarra a few years ago.
When Sienna decided she wanted to cut her hair short, it wasn't hard for her to choose to donate her hair to Wigs for Kids, and to hopefully help a child with cancer feel that little bit better by having a wig made from her hair. It may only be a small gesture but it comes from a special place in her heart.

Leila, WA

Leila is 7 years old and has been wanting to cut her hair short for quite some time. I wanted to donate her hair to make wigs for kids going through cancer after friends of ours had been through this with their daughter.


So pleased to hear that her hair will be able to go into a wig to help another child feel super special again. 

Jenna & Patricia

Mum & Daughter "we're very happy that with the contribution and help from everyone around us, we are able to help make a difference. I can't help but feel for these kids and their families "


Look forward to makeing more donations in the future.


Donating her hair to help a sick child feel a little more normal.


My name is Emma. I am 11 years old. I used to love my long hair. A friend from school told me about the Wigs 4 kids fundraiser. My decision was instant. I wanted to help kids with cancer by cutting my long hair. This decision made me very happy. I would do it anytime again.

Benny NSW,

Donating his hair to make a sick child feel happy :)

Wint, NSW

"Wishing to bring a smile to a child."

Lillyana, Vic

decided to donate her hair to kids with Cancer after having her cousin who is the same age (7) fight cancer last year. She wanted to make a child her age happy and said it was kind to donate her hair.

Wynter, NSW

Donated her hair to make a child with cancer feel a little more normal.

Sophia, NSW

“I have been growing my hair for all of my thirteen years, and I knew when I finally cut it that I wanted it to go to someone that it would make a difference to. I love that this simple act could help a child struggling with something I can’t even imagine.
I hope my hair, and the money I raised when cutting it, can help a child that needs it!”

Lucy, QLD

Very excited to be donating her hair!


Wanted a bob for her birthday, so she donated her hair to Wigs 4 Kids.


All this hair I had and didn’t need!! It’s seriously a no brainer to donate it to a sick child ♥?


Donated 28cm of her lovely hair to help sick kids.


I didn’t get any donations as it was a last minute decision to chop it off as I’ve just had a newborn. But I wanted to keep it to donate as it is WAY too beautiful to be thrown in the bin.  I will send tomorrow as I forgot the other day to send it. Look forward to you seeing a smile on a child’s face 

Alythia Smith,

Hopes her hair makes a little boy or girl very happy.

Indy, SA


Gracie is 6 and was inspired to donate after an older girl at school did.


Piper, NSW

Piper excited to be posting her locks!

Connie, NSW

A few years ago, Connie decided to join those kind and generous people who donate their hair so that it can be made into a new wig for kids who lost their hair due to cancer treatments. Today her dream has come true, this morning her long hair is cut into a few pony tails with required length.


Donated her hair to Wigs for Kids so she could give a child who is going through a hard time something to enjoy and possibly give them confidence they feel they may not have at that moment. 


Donated her lovely long hair to make a difference.


Bodhi has grown his hair a to donate it to your organisation. 


Proud to be donating 26 plaits to @wigs 4 kids!!

Olivia, SA

My name is Olivia I am 11 years old from South Australia, I decided to donate my hair because I wanted to do something kind for other children. I loved my long hair and know hope it makes someone else smile. We managed to chop 24cm with the help from dirty blond hair salon. We hope this little gesture can inspire someone else to take the chop so you can continue your great work.

Mark, Vic

As for my story I have recently begun an attempt to become a professional wingsuit flyer. As such I have opted to shave my head for optimal aerodynamics and to prevent it from obscuring my vision whilst in flight. I figured if my hair could be used to help out some kids then for sure!

 I'll shall post out the hair itself asap, please let me know if there's any information I've missed.


I was inspired to cut my hair for cancer when I realised that I have all of this hair that could be used for a good cause and even when I cut it and I don't like my new hair cut, I can always grow it back, but the kids with cancer can't. I plan on doing it again, and I love my new hair cut, and I hope the person that got my hair loves it too!

Matthew, VIC

I like having long hair but there comes a point when long becomes too long and the dreaded scissors are needed. I grew the hair featured here without a cut from 2018 and it was really stressful being separated from what I had grown quite attached to. Once the first snips were over though, I opened my eyes and realised that having a hair cut wasn’t so bad after all; I can always grow it long again anyway and once I start getting strange looks from those around me, can donate it again to such a great cause!

Laikynn & Mary,

My daughter and I have been so blessed to experience this journey together.


Excited to be donating her hair to a child need a wig.

Ian , SA


I became aware of the difficulties faced by children who were suffering from childhood cancer when I was in year 3.

I learned that they needed wigs as their hair fell out and that there were people donating their hair to make wigs for them. At that moment, after discussing it with my family, I decided to grow my hair to donate.

Last weekend, I cut about 30cm of my hair and donated it. It felt really strange to cut a part of my own body, but I eventually overcame that feeling and embraced my new look and my heart was filled with happiness knowing I could help kids in pain.

I was grateful for the fact that this small effort didn't cost any money. I considered it a significant act of sharing that even children like us can do. I realized that helping others brings a joy and fulfillment that cannot be compared to anything else.

I don't want to force any of you to donate your hair, but if you want to help someone, I believe it's one of the best things we can do ourselves. Hair grows every day, after all.

I encourage you to consider hair donation at least once if you understand the value of sharing and have a warm heart to help others.


I hope a child is happy and blessed with their new wig!

Matilda 4 VIC

Matilda agreed to have her long locks cut to donate to kids with cancer. Matilda was so excited to get her hair cut and very pleased with her new look.

Matilda says “I am a kind girl. I look like Madeline (movie character)”. 

Sophie, VIC

Hi I'm Sophie and I have decided to cut 30cms off my hair to donate to children to make wigs.

I have always wanted to donate my hair but had to wait until it was long enough to give to children who need it .
I'm so excited that my hair will go to someone special who need it.

Josie, VIC

Josie was very excited to donate her beautiful red hair to Wigs for Kids to help sick children battling cancer.

Taylah QLD

As someone who has lost multiple family members (including children) to Cancer, I feel this is the least I can do to help other families. If a hair cut to you could give a child in need a wig, but more importantly, their confidence. Why not do it?

Alex, 12, VIC

Alex’s hair has always been an important part of his identity and something that made him feel good about himself.  When he decided to cut it off in preparation for High School, he wanted to help another kid feel good about themselves by donating his hair to the Wigs4kids program.


Making today eaiser for kids with cancer laughing


I have been growing my hair naturally for a few years as I've always wanted to donate it one day.

Recently my partner was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's Burkitt lymphoma. We shaved his head, so I decided to cut mine too. I thought why not go through a change together, and then a child in need gets new hair. 

Maria NSW

I decided to cut my hair as it was getting really long. I asked my hairdresser (who is also my auntie) if she thought my hair was healthy enough to donate and she said it definitely was and we measured the length and it was way over the required length. After researching, I was so happy to find Kids with Cancer. I love kids, they make me smile, laugh and bring so much joy in this world. It makes me upset hearing and knowing that there are kids with cancer and the thought that I could do something in return for them, made my day. I really hope my donation can make a child in need smile and feel the same happiness they give me. 

Kirsty NSW

I cut off my lovely hair, to donate to Kids with Cancer Foundation. This is very touching to me, as I work with children. I cut over 20cm off hair. This was to honour those who have had cancer, especially to the ones in my families who have had it or died from it.


I’ve been growing my hair for 4 years and this is my 3rd donation to companies that make wigs for people who have cancer. 

It makes my heart so happy that I am able to contribute my hair and show my children the kindness that can be done for others.

Thank you for creating these beautiful pieces. 

Mackenzie NSW

About 4 months ago I was diagnosed with a Chronic Illness called Crohns. Due to the treatment I began to lose my hair in clumps. I knew it would eventually grow back once the medication has been changed, however I wanted to take control back, I also wanted to put a smile on a child’s face who have lost there hair due to treatment as-well.  So I decided to shave my head and donate to “Wigs 4 Kids”. I hope I have brighten these little warriors day, allowing them to feel confident, beautiful and shine bright like the stars they are xx 


Helping make a difference in the lives of kids with cancer laughing

Harper QLD

The reason why I cut my hair is becasue, at the start of the year in February, my grandmother passed away due to ovarian cancer. I just couldn't bear thinking that adults and children are going through the same thing my grandmother went through. So one morning, I just decided, "I want to donate my hair to people going through chemotherapy". Doing this made me feel nice knowing that what I did is going to a good and important cause. 

Taylah, QLD

I've been thinking about cutting my hair for a few years now, as I’ve always had long hair my whole life, and after discovering there was a way to donate it for such a great cause, I knew I had to take the leap. And I’m so happy I did. Knowing you’ve helped some kids gain some confidence, its the least I could do.  


Harper decided to cut and donate her hair “to help kids who had cancer and lost their hair to feel happier and not doubt themselves”.

Jack, 16

Making today easier for kids with cancer cool


Making today easier for kids with cancer laughing

Ophelia, NSW

I am always told that my hair is so nice, that people would want to have hair like mine. So, in the holidays, when I decided to cut my hair, I knew I should donate the hair I cut off. I've always wanted to cut my hair, but I need to care for it, and have at least 20cm to cut off. And, once that was done, I cut my hair! Not only am I helping people out, but I get a nice, new look, too!

Caitlin, NSW

After having long hair all her life, Caitlin decided to cut her hair off before she started her HSC. 60cm of hair was cut off to donate to Wigs 4 Kids to help kids with cancer.


Donating my hair was one of the easiest decisions I have ever made. 

Despite feeling incredibly nervous to cut it as my hair had been very long most of my life and it had become part of my identity. 

I feel lighter and free and proud that my hair can be used to make other people who are not as fortunate as I am to feel good about having a beautiful head of hair. 

 I would do this all over again. 

Imogen, NSW

Imogen recently turned 19 and she decided to have a bit of a cut of her hair  

We had previously talked about donating for wigs considering she had never coloured it and hadn’t had it cut much since kindergarten  

We recently lost a loved one to cancer and although not a child we understand the challenges and difficulties that children must face during such a big battle 

Carol, NSW

Making today easier for kids with cancer laughing

Mikiyah, VIC

I am very proud of the selfless decision my daughter made after seeing an advert for kids with cancer. Mikiyah is 8 and has had two trims in her life because she always wanted her hair long. As soon as she saw that there are little girls her age with no hair because of such a horrible disease it wasn’t even a decision for her to gift her hair. She hopes that another girl who is fighting cancer and has no hair can feel better about themselves.

Sena, NSW

Sena decided to cut her hair to make a sick child feel special.

Valentina, QLD

Making today easier for kids with cancer laughing

Amanda, WA

A work friend of mine was diagnosed with stomach cancer in October 2021 in her late 40s. She had survived Ovarian Cancer in her 20s. 

She knew how cancer can take your hair so very early into her treatment she bought wigs. Her workmates rallied together to give her money towards her wigs.

I then decided to try to grow my hair and donate it. This year I visited a friend of mine's home hair salon to cut my hair. Abigail's Hair.

This is the final step to try to help others with cancer. 

Lucas, NSW

After graduating Year 6, Lucas cut his hair and donated it to Wigs 4 Kids cool

Fonda, WA

Fonda is 5 years old and one of her friends was diagnosed with cancer when they were almost 3 years old. Fonda’s friend lost all her hair and after many operations and chemotherapy, thankfully has made a full recovery. After experiencing the journey of her beautiful friend, Fonda decided she wanted to help other kids and one way she could do that, was to donate her hair. Thank you Wigs-4-Kids for giving Fonda an opportunity to help.

Callum, VIC

Making today easier for kids with cancer cool

Ethan, SA

Making today easier for kids with cancer cool

Annabelle, NSW

Annabelle cut her hair at her 7th Birthday Party to help make today easier for kids with cancer laughing


Making today easier for kids with cancer laughing


Making today easier for kids with cancer laughing


Angus has been growing his beautiful strawberry blonde hair since he was born. His personality, even as a little guy, suited having long strawberry blonde hair - he’s our little Viking. I always said that as soon as he asked to cut his hair we would. The time came just before his fourth birthday. We discussed donating his hair and who he might like to give it to. He wanted a kid like him to benefit from his hair so that’s how we came across Wigs for Kids. Not long after getting his hair cut he told me ‘I want to grow my hair again, so that we can cut it off and give it to another kid’. So, watch this space, in another few years we’ll have more hair for you.


Making today easier for kids with cancer laughing

Deniz, QLD

I have spent 4 years growing my hair as I love long hair. But I realised I don’t really need it and there are many kids out there that need it more than me! Actually I like very much my new look and it’s perfect for Qld weather and finally I can play with my son and dance without my hair getting always on the way!!!


Making today esaier for kids with cancer laughing

Sithmie, VIC

This is my second time donating hair for cancer.  After my last chop, I grew my hair for 4 years with the intention of donating it. I felt absolutely beautiful with long hair. I really hope whoever gets my hair as a wig would feel incredible, beautiful during their toughest battles. Just being able to donate and give a child reason to smile and feel beautiful warms my heart!



in that touching moment, the video showed the tank sister cut off his long hair, a passion came to my heart! After in-depth understanding, I learned that this great love is to donate wigs to children with leukemia. Her selfless act is like a guiding lamp that warmly illuminates my heart. Awakened by her kindness, I decided without hesitation to dedicate my long hair, which I have cherished for six years, to those children who need hope and warmth! This decision is not only a response to love, but also a profound dedication to let the light of our lives shine in the hearts of others! Let those little angels who need care and hope get more people's care and love.

Mason, NSW

Mason has been asking for a hair cut for a little while now and he was more than excited to share it with Wigs 4 Kids to give a child a smile during such a hard time. This was his first hair cut so a huge milestone for him. When he was first asked if he would donate his hair he said "sharing is caring". Thank you for all you do for our little ones! 

Lamia NSW

Helping to make today easier for kids with cancer laughing

Madhavi, NSW

I am very happy that I got a chance to donate my hair second time. To me hair donation means so many different things. It is a hope. It is an unselfish act of Kindness. My mum volunteers at the palliative care and she told me how important can be the hair donation. Hopefully I can do it all over again in future.

Evelyn, VIC

Evie was inspired to grow her hair to donate after seeing a little news segment one day on kids with cancer and realising how hard it must be for those kids and their families. She wanted to give enough hair to make a wig for someone and raise a little money along the way to help kids in need. Evie grew her hair for 2 years, dealing with the knots and the constant brushing and was very happy when she finally chopped it into a bob! 

Zaviah, NSW

Making today easier for kids with cancer cool

Raymond, NSW

Making today easier for kids with cancer cool