Zyta Stewart

I'm raising money to help relieve the financial burden from families that have a child being treated for a cancer diagnosis.

I am shaving 4 kids throughout Australia and I will also be donating my hair for wigs.  Your donations to this cause that means so much to me, will allow Kids with Cancer Foundation to continue with their financial support of families that have a child suffering from cancer.

Please donate to my fundraiser, and share with your family and friends, together we can all make a difference.

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Sunday 6th Nov
On the 26th of November I will be cutting my hair off so I can donate to help make wigs for cancer patients, and then I will be shaving the rest of my hair off to show support for those already suffering the effects of cancer. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Amet Education


A Loving Aunty

Good on you Zyta. So very proud of you for doing this and for the thoughtful, smart and caring young woman you are. xxx


Maddy Mccormack


Joe Gormally

Congrats - great cause!


Susann Doherty

Well done Zyta. Such a great cause. Xx


Grandma And Grandpa

We are so very proud of you Zyta. X


Aunty Ree

You're the only one in the family who can truly rock a bald head. Shhhh, don't tell your dad or uncle kev. Oops. Did I post that? Kidding guys. Well done lovely girl. Can't wait to see the pics of it all unfold.


Shaun Collins

Crack on Zyta it is all in a good cause... I am more than happy to contribute to this cause as I have had first hand experience of childhood cancer with my Son who is now strong and fighting fit thanks to people like yourself


Yoshi Detky

✊Zyta 🫵🏻Champion


Zyta Stewart


Sage Foster

so proud of you <3



I am so proud of you Zyta, I know you will 'Rock the Chop' again and this time your beautiful hair will go to someone who needs it. Love you always!


Teresa Luhrs

A great thing to do Zyta xo


Helen Wilson


Tracey And Tony Comino


Annemaree Loof

Great initiative Zyta. Good luck on the day.


Wade, Hayley, Charlotte & Nate

So very proud of you, Zyta!



So proud of your accomplishment and I hope to do it with you next time! ❤️


Keith Batten


Kobi Donald

Proud of you🤙



All the best of luck with your fun raising for this great cause 😘😘.


Michaela Ormay



I love you so much and I’m so proud of you ♥️


Maria Oram

Good on you Zyta.





Kylie Jones




Raj Prasad



Good on you for supporting this cause. Be so proud of the change you are supporting!