Taylor Hills

I'm raising money to help relieve the financial burden from families that have a child being treated for a cancer diagnosis.

I am shaving 4 kids throughout Australia.  Your donations to this cause that means so much to me, will allow Kids with Cancer Foundation to continue with their financial support of families that have a child suffering cancer.

Please donate to my fundraiser, and share with your family and friends, together we can all make a difference.

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Shave For Change

Monday 19th Jul

Hey guys,

For a while now I’ve been growing my own dreadlocks, but no one told me the maintenance of them isn’t what you call easy.

So with that, I’ve decided to shave them off (something Ive always wanted to do) and fundraise as much money as I possibly can for all those little people struggling with cancer. 

Cancer has effected my family personally and soo many others I know and have loved. Most of which have at least lived their lives through to their 50’s - 80’s. 

There is over 100 children under the age of 15 effected in under a year with low percentage survival rates- 84% may increase their survival  by 3-5 years. 

Even so, there is no real quality of life for them and they’re unable to do what most kids are able to do. Families of the incurable also struggle and in my eyes are just as brave to help them through such tough times !

To shave my hair off for a cause that I’m very passionate about is nothing. The sacrifice is purely a message of hope, to help research to find a cure and save lives !

So, before I turn the big  3 0  in September, 

I hope to reach $1,000 and make a difference !

Any spare $1 you have will be greatly appreciated in helping me give to those in need ! I thank each and everyone of you in advance for your donations.

Tay x

Shave For Change

Monday 19th Jul

Thank you to my Sponsors



So very proud of you my little lady xx



Love you TAY TAY ❤️. We talk about you all the time. So proud of you doing this, particularly as my mum is now going through chemo so it’s close to the heart. Go girl, you are amazing. Xxxx


Brylie Mackinnon


Metzner Family Xx


Taylor Hills


Tim Bradley

I gotchu dude!


Mia Jessop


Brooke Stephenson

Such a beautiful gesture, proud of you Trude x


Olga Pomazan


Alison Moloney

That’s awesome, such a good cause 😘


Elisha, Chase & Evie X

Good work gf! 💓 Elisha, Chase & Evie xxx


Bel And Mark Heffernan

Well done Tay! Not much but hope it helps! All our love xx


Martine-anne Few

Great job Tay


Mel & Bomber

Damn proud of you my babes! X


Hanna Ward

So amazing what you're doing!


Robyn Gilmour



Mia Jessop

you have to let me dye patterns in ur shaved head pls