Sam Hirmiz 100km ultra marathon journey

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I'm raising money to help relieve the financial burden from families that have a child being treated for a cancer diagnosis.

I am physically and mentally challenging myself this year in May when I run my first ever 100km Ultra Marathon through the Blue Mountains. Over the past two years, I have been relentlessly training to achieve this goal and raise funds to help sick kids throughout Australia. 


Your generous donations are greatly appreciated. They will not only motivate me to overcome this mammoth challenge but will also contribute to an amazing cause that holds great significance for me- the Kids with Cancer Foundation. 


Please share and follow my fundraiser page to witness my training journey and stay updated on the funds raised, featuring plenty of photos of my daily runs and capturing the beauty of sunsets & sunrises.

My Updates

40ks 7hrs

Wednesday 1st May
last run before ultra marathon

Hitting the fire trails at the mountains.

Wednesday 1st May
42K Run 7hrs and 22 mins duration.

3 sisters blue mountains at night

Wednesday 1st May
Good Friday night run 40KS

Sunday Sunrise

Sunday 17th Mar
Saturday Morning 15k jog.

50km Run

Wednesday 6th Mar
Personal Best so far 50ks in 7hrs 37mins lost 4000 calories that day.!

Rise and Run

Tuesday 5th Mar
10km Run, followed by Sunrise and some stretches.

Sunday Morning Bay Run

Monday 4th Mar

Hill Sprints

Saturday 2nd Mar
Saturday morning post 20k run, Hill sprints!

Trail Running

Saturday 2nd Mar
Saturday Morning 20k trail Run, not an easy one due to high humidity but got it done!

Katoomba on course training.

Thursday 29th Feb
Stair climbs followed by stairs and more stairs to get to our cars.

Sunset training

Thursday 29th Feb
Long distance beach training

Thank you to my Sponsors


Zina Hirmiz

Goodluck 🙂


Steven Hirmiz


Peter Kha


Phelmon Shemoon



Diana Riley

You got this!



Get to it grate man ! Awesome cause



We are so proud of you! Love mummy, Dominic and Charlotte x


Paul Ives

You are an inspiration Sam and such a worthy cause. Enjoy…if you can 🤣



Fuck cancer 🖕


Love Gokhan & Elyshia

Wonderful cause and incredible challenge you set for yourself Samih. You should be truly proud of the funds you have raised for the families in need during such challenging times and the goal you’ve achieved for yourself. Anything is possible when we put our minds to it. Imagination and dedication is key and you completely nailed it. You’re truly inspirational. Well done!


Tom Duong



Good Luck Sam, so proud of you


Adriana Hristoforidis

You’re wonderful Sam


Sai Sridhar

Thank you Samih for giving us the opportunity to be a part of your journey and wonderful cause!


Alan Hermiz

Love you Azziza you got this God bless you on this journey 🙏🏽☦️❤️


Kiratmohan Singh

Keep going strong buddy👍👍


John Shemoon

Well done, I am really impressed with you


Sarah Murray

Awesome work Samih! I look forward to following your journey!


Kym Smith

Good Luck Samih!


John & Darren Hristoforidis

Love your dedication and care, Sammi. Keep your eyes on the goal - you'll smash it.


Simi Tsangidis


Julianna Geffroy



Alex Bewg

Great Cause (Long way 100km)


Thelvin Maningas


Mercedes Rodrigues

Good work 👍


The Turk


Maroun Rjeily

Great effort SAm for an amazing cause!


Amelia Warner

Such an incredible effort and cause Sam!


Joe Calafiore

Well done Samih, great cause. You got this !!


Linda Herd

Just inspirational!


Daniela Murgha

Go Samih! Awesome work!


Helen Brewser

Samih, you are mental running 100km! But such a good cause…good on you :)


Benjamin Burgess

A great cause Sam! Good luck



Fantastic effort


Colin Lane

Good Luck and congratulations on your amazing efforts Sam



Great cause Sam! Hope you achieve your goals!


Suzann Cooper

Goodl uck Sam!


Fiona Whelan


Bhanu Prasad Nagabhyrava

Good luck Keep it up


John Nguyen

Well done Sam. All the best with your marathon.


Anna Peterson

This is such a beautiful cause Sam, you have my full support and thanks for doing this!


Jodie Maestri

Inspiring! This is an awesome effort - and raising funds for a well derserving cause




Steven Hirmiz