Pearly Yeoh

This birthday l'm raising money to help relieve the financial burden from families that have a child being treated for a cancer diagnosis.

March is my birthday, this year I am cutting my hair to fundraise to help sick kids throughout Australia.  Not only will my lovely locks be used to make a wig, your donations to the cause will allow Kids with Cancer Foundation to continue with their financial support of families that have a child suffering cancer.

I am blessed with healthy hair with no split ends, it is treated with argan oil and it will make a great wig for a little angel 👼 who is having a hard time, especially during the pandemic. 

Your donation will determine how much of my hair will be donated, let’s try for 30cm so a little girl can have a medium wig!!! P/s: I don’t look good with short hair, but up for the challenge for a good cause, let’s do this 💪😊

$1000 - 20cm

$1500 - 25cm

$2000 - 30cm

My sincere thank you in advance for every donation big and small. It will be much appreciated if you can share this fund raiser with your family and friends, together we can make a difference and this will be the best birthday gift ever.

Pearl xxx

Haircut due on 3rd April 2022

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It’s done. Thank you for your generous support

Thursday 21st Apr
There was an unexpected delay with the hair cut. Although the target donation for 30cm was not reach, but to make up for the delay, I did cut 30cm 😊. Thank you for all your generous donations in making this happen. Now to mail it out for wig making process to begin. Not too late to donate till we hit the target for 30cm. 🙏🏻

Going to really miss my long hair

Saturday 26th Mar
One more week to go before I cut my long locks. There is still time to donate towards the cause. Any donation big and small are all appreciated. Many thank you in advance. Xx

Chop chop soon

Saturday 19th Mar
Anxious and excited the same time. There is still time… all donation big and small are welcomed and appreciated.

Closer to the target but not quite there

Saturday 12th Mar
Very exciting it is so close… but almost there but not there yet. All donations big and small are welcome. It is going towards a good cause. Thank you in advance for your contributions. 🙏🏻

Almost there

Sunday 6th Mar
Thank you to all who have donated. Countdown to the hair cut date. Almost reaching target, all donations big and small are appreciated. Wink wink nudge nudge... tax deduction for all donations above $2. 

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The Taylors

Happy birthday 🥳 🎂


Irene Fong

Will always support you



Happy Birthday. You are doing a good things. So proud of you.





For a good cause


Orlando, Eight N Belen

Many blessings


Clik Collective


Dee And Barry

Happy birthday and well done


Tania Moss

Hey Pearly I hope you had a great birthday & the fund raiser is going well. The email ended up in my junk box hence the delay in donating. Cheers Tania


Lillian Ling

What a good cause! 💛


Rebecca Kam



Bless you Pearl for doing such a special fundraiser - you’ll still look gorgeous! ♥️



hi Pearly - I think it is a beautiful thing you are doing for the kids, what a big beautiful generous heart you have! love trudy


Kathleen Fong


Marika Sisa

Such a great thing you’re doing x


Maudie & Mic

You’re amazing Pearly…xx



Happy Birthday my love


Just Surprise Me

Such a worthy cause Pearly. I think you will look great with short hair



I hope you enjoy the short hair look I love that you're doing this on your birthday to help others. Awesome!!!


James Richter



Happy Birthday




Robson Advisory - Unit 7 Kensington

Good Luck for a great cause