Lindsay Luu

I'm cutting and donating my hair to be turned into a wig for a child battling cancer.

Hi, my name is Lindsay, and I'm a Grade 2 student at Mitcham Primary School, VIC. 

I am cutting my hair to fundraise to help sick kids throughout Australia.  Not only will my lovely long locks be used to make a wig, your donations will allow Kids with Cancer Foundation to continue to support families that have a child suffering cancer.

I have been growing out my hair for a long time. I'm so glad my hair can be used to help another child feel beautiful.

Please donate to my fundraiser, and share with your family and friends, together we can all make a difference.

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Look how small mum’s hand is, holding my ponytail!

Thursday 9th Dec

💇🏻‍♀️ Date + Location Confirmed 💇🏻‍♀️

Wednesday 8th Dec
The big chop is booked on Friday, 17 December at 2.00pm! 💇🏻‍♀️

It’s on the first day of the summer holidays, what a positive and impactful way to finish off Grade 2!

Location: The Green Room Blackburn
Address: 111 Canterbury Road, Blackburn 3130
Stylist: Stef

There’s still time to smash her fundraiser target - let’s do this for kids with cancer!

A gift with a greater purpose

Tuesday 7th Dec
(Written by mum, Joni)

If you’ve seen Lindsay as a baby, you'd know she was born with a head full of hair. So much hair that it defied gravity for the first year of her life! 

We often wondered which side of the family gave her this much hair, but what we do know is that her hair is a gift with a greater purpose - to help a child battling cancer feel beautiful as they undergo cancer treatment.

Before Christmas this year, Lindsay will be cutting and donating 36cm of her hair, the minimum and prized length required to make a full wig. She has been growing out her hair for several years, through many hot summers, hour-long hair washes and at times painful hair brushing. Through it all, she remains fervent that she would not give up because this may be the last time she has hair this long and she wants to make a difference.

Please get behind her and this worthy cause. Your financial donation via this link will be so encouraging to Lindsay as she gets the big chop this month!

As her mother, I am so proud of her determination and her consideration of children less fortunate than herself. She is compassionate beyond her age, and I truly believe this experience will stay with her for a very long time.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Tan Ming Swee

Dear Lindsay, wishing you all the best on your fund raising campaign. 👍


Gavin Luu

You ave a heart of gold Lindsay! Very Proud of you for thinking of others, and making the choice to support others!..


Yoon Peng Lim

Amazing act of kindness and altruism. Bless you


Ken Choong Law

Lindsay, you are a young girl with an enormous kind heart.


Calvin Lim

All the best, Lindsay 👍😊


Kian Tan

I hope you will keep up with the good deeds for the rest of your life. God Bless


Annabella Tan

Keep up the good work, Lindsay. 😘



You go girl!


Bmel Community

What an inspiration 😃


Jennifer And Friends


Stamford Lawyers


Grace Chau

Good luck!


Joanie Lim


Kienleng Heng

Well done Lindsay. Really proud of you and your kindness


Sushiela Koshy

Hi Lindsay, I am happy to help you reach your goal of helping other kids in need . I am very proud of you and wish you success.


Shirly Heng

Well done Lindsay! ❤️


Joee H

Keep spreading your love and kindness❤️ You are amazing Lindsay!


Nelly Tang


Simon Hee

Great job Lindsay. From Simon Hee (stewart's friend)



Go Lindsay!! I hope you reach your goal!


Winson H

Gogo Lindsay, proud of you supporting a cause you believe in!


Katie Le Roy-dyson

Great job Lindsay!! What a special thing you are doing ❤


Richard Ng

Good on you Lindsay to sacrifice your lovely long hair for a good cause


Sandra White

What a wonderful effort Lindsay. Thank you for your generosity.


Naomi, Jeremy, Hailey And The Lau Family

You go girl!! Such a beautiful gesture from a very beautiful girl.


Jenny Ong




Uma And Jas

Lindsay! You are so inspirational to so many of us! So young yet so compassionate.


Mahlini Mathuray

What an Awesome are Beautiful 😍


Adele F. Kwan

Well done Lindsay. Wonderful effort. Bravo 👏👏👏👍👍👍❤


Natalie Bishara

Well done Lindsay! You are such an extraordinary girl and you are doing such a wonderful thing! You are amazing!!


Ash Ramlakan

Congratulations Lindsay for taking up this very noble cause 🙏😊


Helen Khong


Manisha J. Sidhu

Keep up the great work ⭐️💕


Thavendran Navaratnam

Great work and inspiration to many! Keep it up!


Mani Krishnan


Erin Norman

So proud of you Lindsay!


Pearly & Andrew Lomas


Chelsea Chew

Lovely thought, well done Lindsay!!


Rachel Kwei

Well done Lindsay, such a compassionate way to help.


Bamini Selladurai




Ranie Naicker

Thank you Lindsay, you are an inspiration young lady, thank you for this huge effort.


Sher Wi

Awesome effort to keep your hair that length! Keep it up, take care!


Charms & Chris

Awesome job!! Can't wait to see your new look... Love, Aunty Charms and Uncle Chris


Dakshini Soysa

I’m soo proud of you darling. May Su god bless you and your family and elevate all your ancestors with this beautiful divine service.


Laura Edgcumbe

What a kind girl you are Lindsay! Good luck


Nellie Long

Lindsay keep up the good work you are amazing.


Vicky Stouraitis

Well done Lindsay! What a beautiful thing to do! You should be very proud of yourself!


Jennah Chong

Bravo Lindsay 👏👏👏. Such an amazing act from you. You're a kind, caring, thoughtful and sweet child. Bless you.


Sharon Ng


Kevin Kan


Chin Teck Chew

Great job. From uncle Chew Chin Teck (Stewart's friend)


Sky Lee

Great work. Proud of you. From Sky Lee (Stewart's friend)


Alex Soh

Good work Lindsay. From Alex Soh (stewart's friend)


Andrew Chong




Leng Leng Gan


Anny Leung


Stewart Heng

So proud of you. From your great uncle Street


Shin En Tan

Well done Lindsay !!



Well done! You have a very kind heart, and strong determination. Not easy to have your hair grow to that length and great job maintaining it as well!


Caecilia Tan

Amazing! Well done Lindsay! Xx


William Lau

Well done on your efforts Lindsay! 🎉



Thank you Lindsay for your kind heart. What a wonderful gift.


Jamie Heng


Alex Heng


Shereen Heng


Wilson H

Proud of ya Lindsay!



Well done!


Auntie Abbie & Morgan

Go Lindsay, we’re so proud of you!


Jess Tracey



Jess Matton

What a beautiful thing to do sweetheart 💕


Ling Liew


Jacob Quah

Keep up the good work! 👍


Nai Young Koh


Sharol Sharol



So proud of you Lindsay for donating to a good cause! x


Ng Ken Liang

Keep up the good work


Leon Tan

Proud of you.




Jamie Heng