Jason Stanley

Something good with my long hair

I am shaving 4 kids throughout Australia.  Your generous donations to this cause means a lot to me. However what it will mean for the foundation is way more important. It will allow Kids with Cancer Foundation to continue with their financial support of families that have a child suffering cancer.

Please donate to my fundraiser, and share with your family and friends, together we can all make a difference.

Thank you all my heavy metal friends    :)

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Jason Stanley


Lisa, Shehan, Annie And Braydon

You rock Jason. All the best reaching your fundraising target. All our Love, Shehan, Lisa, Annie and Braydon.


Michael Brown

Well done mate, great cause.


Suzanne Davis

Well done Jason. You'll need an extra beanie this year lol.


Charlie Apap

Well done mate 👍


Harry Leventis

Brilliant work Jason, great effort and charity to support. All the best in getting to the goal and getting that long awaited hair cut!! Harry


Kim Hartland

You are an amazing human!! So proud of you Jase... :) xxx


Cherie Love

You are an amazing person. Fingers crossed you reach your planned fundraising goal to go with that great hair for them!!



Love seeing your heart in action Jase!


Hammersmith Lawyers

We are very pleased to support you with your endeavours. Very worthwhile charity.


Rebecca Maplesden

Awesome work!


Nikolai Barbarich

Well done Jason ! Thank you for always donating to our vinnies events and participating! Looks like we may need to get you a beanie for winter this year haha



You're such a good soul xx


Bao Nguyen

You're awesome!!


Katherine Hill

So awesome Jason. Really hope this makes a little kids day much brighter x


Kristen Kirk

Great stuff Jase!


Darryl N

Good on ya, Jason! We are so proud of you!



Nice one Jason.. rock on


Melissa Thong And Ben Hall

Hey Jason, a worthy cause, those lovely locks will be put to good use and give a child the confidence to go out and rock on as good as you too my friend!


Paulo T

Well done mate! Great effort for a worthy cause :)


Kathryn Kingston

Great cause Jason.


Rose Stanley

Well done Jason, proud of what you have achieved for kids with cancer.


David P

Great effort Jason! You have been very committed to the cause!


Bronwyn Campbell


Joan Burke

Well done Jason, I miss your hair too!


Camille Szewczuk

Rock on 🤘


James And Kathy

Well done Jase!


Alison Roach


Amanda Vella

Well done Jason. You’re amazing


Rosina Pollino

Awesome! Well done!


Gerard Gillespie

Well done mate!


Jessica Nichols


Callum Stewart


Harry Burriss

Spiral out!!!