Hannah Kidner

I'm raising money to help relieve the financial burden from families that have a child being treated for a cancer diagnosis.

I am cutting my hair to fundraise to help sick kids throughout Australia.  Not only will my lovely locks be used to make a wig, your donations to the cause that means so much to me, will allow Kids with Cancer Foundation to continue with their financial support of families that have a child suffering cancer.

Please donate to my fundraiser, and share with your family and friends, together we can all make a difference.

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Freshly washed Hair

Wednesday 16th Jun
Freshly washed hair.... One week till Hannah's 5th Birthday! She is super excited! Fun fact.... The person who loves brushing Hannah's hair the most in our house is her very proud daddy! Going to miss watching them having weekly home hair salon dates. Blake is amazing with hair dryer.... He must of had some good teachers. 😉

Dinner night at the Ravenshoe Millstream country club

Friday 11th Jun
Thank you to the Ravenshoe Milllstrea. Country Club for your kind donation tonight. And to everyone you dined and donated and supported Hannab tonight. For a little 4 nearly 5 year old it was very overwhelming standing up and talking in front of everyone about what she was doing and who she was doing it for. Tears of joy were shed for many people to hear what she was doing. And Hannah even thought she is a very bubbly out going little girl she is at times very shy and reserved in front of big groups of people. Even though she had a few tears because she got overwhelmed very so unbelievably proud of her for standing up there with her good friends Sarah and Prudy in front of a room of strangers. ❤

Big Hair Day

Tuesday 8th Jun
Today we are rocking mermaid hair!!! Having a big hair day to hopefully help make a big difference to another kid.

A very excited little girl

Friday 4th Jun
Wow.... this was the smile on Hannah's face when I told her she has already reached her goal!!!! She squealed with delight! Thank you to everyone who has donated so far!!! Amazing your generosity, love and support.

Hannah's 5th Birthday Goal

Tuesday 1st Jun
For the last 12 months Hannah has had a goal of growing her hair long enough (20cm plus) so she can donate it and  a wig can be made to help put a smile on another little kids face. 

This will be the first big hair cut she has ever really had... she has had the odd little trim here and there, so this hair cut is a big deal for Hannah. 

We have done our research and have decided to go with kids with cancer, wigs 4 kids. As her hair will stay in Australia and the wigs are made in New South Wales and all proceeds will benefit Aussie kids in need. 
Wigs have a starting price of $2500 just to be made. 

So Hannah is asking for your help her achieve her next goal of raising enough money to make her hair into a wig. 
Any amount would be greatly appreciated. 
Later this month on the 22nd June is her 5th birthday so we will do the big chop on her birthday her favourite day of the year!

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F.e.s. Tanks


2dimension Events

Very proud of you Hannah x


Chris Jayme Justin Cielle And Joshy

Sweetie So proud of you, that is a lovely thing to do to help someone else x


Terry, Jo, Taliah & Max

We are so proud of you Hannah Love Terry, Jo, Taliah, Max O’Connell


Shadowav Pty Ltd

What a amazing story so proud to donate to such a incredible dream


Golf Club Dinner Night Donations


The Bono’s

Well done beautiful girl we love you 🥰😘


Tyler & Andrew Bartlett


Tina & Brett Cahill

Very proud of you Hannah. Your beautiful soul will help so many people 💕


Carrie Hills

That's a great thing to do Hannah! Keep being amazing.


Kaycie Adam Jetty Lilly James

Well done sweetie, this is such a kind thing to do. Your beautiful hair will make such a beautiful wig xx Very proud of you!


Jdizzle, Coco, Riri & Matt

Can’t wait to see your new hair style!



Go Hannah!!!!



Darling Hannah, Lucy’s cousin passed away this morning from Cancer. He was only 18. I donate to you because I’m so proud of you little lady, for doing this for other kids. I owe you a Freddo Frog, a white one 💙💖


Ravenshoe Millstream Country Club


Sydney Kidners

What a beautiful thing your doing Hannah. Very proud Uncle.


Cassie And Bram

You are a very special little girl.


Bill And Deidre

Go Hannah


Sue & Beck Sinopoli

You’re a credit to your wonderful parents & family, beautiful Hannah. ❤️❤️


Kerry Crook

One of my daughters did Shave for a Cure in her final year of school - fantastic to see someone so young taking on the challenge. That beautiful hair will be really appreciated by someone and it will grow back - well done Hannah!


Amanda Butler

Well done what a special beautiful little girl


Mo And Flo Del Favero


Ash, Trent & Spencie

You are one special young lady miss Hannah ☺️ So very thoughtful, and such a beautiful way to help others.


Des, Tam, Finnegan, Thomas & Cleo

You’re AMAZING Miss Hannah. What a kind and thoughtful thing to do...x


Melanie Willis

Such a lovely thing to do Hannah :D


Lauren & Richard Dyson


Anne Quinn

Hannah, you are one awesome little kid … love you so much … such a courageous thing to do … love you kiddo … oh and you have to super special parents as well. 😊


Shelley Underwood



What a beautiful and thoughtful little girl you are, Hannah. Big love from Nikki, Matt, Ashton and Sam x


Dennis & Helen Del Favero

Our beautiful granddaughter, so very proud of the kind young lady you are becoming.


Doreen Mortimore


Jane, Gerard, Frankie And Izzie Delbarry


Wendy And Wayne

Awesome 😎work Hannah very proud of you 💗 Wendy and Wayne


Cara Marks

Hannah - you are very mature for your age. You are an inspiration. Great job. 💝💝💝💝


The Fyfes

A little girl with a big heart! Go Hannah!


Marie Finn

What a wonderful, thoughtful young lady you are, Hannah! Much love from us both. John and Marie xx


Carla M

What an incredibly kind and selfless act, Hannah. You should be so proud of yourself!


Josie Muller



Go Hannah! Such a special thing you are doing. Love KK


Wendy Moller

Hannah, you are a remarkable young lady. You are making such a positive difference for others. Well done. I am sure you will rock your new short hairstyle.


Holly Buckley

Your are a very caring your lady well done (We are friends of wog, Raa and Ava)


Eleanor Mabin


Mary-ann Adams

Hannah you are so amazing. Happy Birthday


Shelly And Bruce

Great work Hannah.. you are inspiring... 😃❤️


Sharon Brown

Awesome From Sophia and Harriette


Stacey, John, Nicolas & Dean Boyden

Amazing Hannah! Love your big heart and even bigger hair 😍. Not even 5 yet and changing lives forever ❤


Anna Leighton

Keep shining bright Hannah, your a real little star!


Kim Salvetti

What an amazing thing to do Hannah. Happy birthday beautiful.



Well done Hannah.


Kay Dempsey

Happy Birthday Hannah , What a lovely thing to do .


Amy Opio

You’re one little champion Hannah ! Bless your heart xx


Rachael Burgess


Barb Allchin

Well done Hannah 🥰


Johnny Kidner


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Hannah's containers for change


Aunty Anne Landa


Val Merton


Kirsty, Shane, Kai And Amelia