Eden Grace Raad

I'm raising money to help relieve the financial burden from families that have a child being treated for a cancer diagnosis.

I am cutting my hair to fundraise to help sick kids throughout Australia.  Not only will my lovely locks be used to make a wig, your donations to the cause that means so much to me, will allow Kids with Cancer Foundation to continue with their financial support of families that have a child suffering cancer.

Please donate to my fundraiser, and share with your family and friends, together we can all make a difference.

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Miss Eden Grace Raad

Friday 19th May
There are kids that are fighting for their life. This is just hair and it will grow right back, and I’m willing to cut it to do whatever I can to help them. I’ll be giving up my hair happily, so please join me in the giving and receive some joy!!!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Amescorp Pty Ltd

Dad (Eden), I am so proud of you. This selfless gesture has made a big difference to someone’s life. We thank all of our family, friends, contractors and suppliers for giving to a great cause, May God bless and heal those with illness or give them strength to endure what life has in plan for each of them. To My Eden Girl, Mum, words can’t express how proud I am of you. Not only have you selflessly given up your hair to help others, you have also shown leadership and empowered others to do the same. I pray that this fire in your heart to help people in need never dies. Thank you to everyone who had donated and supported her, you too have empowered and allowing our little girl to feel she can make a difference in this world. Love from Georgina xx


Anthony Khalil

From Anthony Khalil and the staff at Scribbles and Giggles Childcare Centres


Mikhael Abou Antoun

Well Done, Eden, great cause



Love your work Eden. May God bless you always for your enormous support.


Insurebiz Pty Ltd

Well Done Eden


Simon & Josette Sheikh

May Our Lord & Our Lady watch over you always. God bless


Gisele Nassif

Gooooo Eden, I want to be like you and cut my hair when I’m older, love Gisele



Well done Eden, very inspiring and for such a great cause. God bless you.



Great Work Eden!! God Bless


Paul Bahe


Project Ric

You’re an amazing young lady.


Click Finance

Well done Eden. What an amazing achievement


Xs Espresso

Dear Eden, through this cause you have demonstrated great courage and kindness. Well done!


Supply Fresh

Well done Eden, you will always be beautiful inside and out. I’m proud of you! Love Sienna and Amelia xx


Lee Douaihy

God bless 🙏


Peter Maroun


Anthony Gittani


John Maroun


Johnny Khoury



Joey And Violet Maroun

God bless you Eden xx


Joseph And Charlotte Mezher

Good luck beautiful Eden Grace xx


Chris N

Well done Eden!!


Savannah & George Elias

You are such a special and strong young girl! Go Eden ❤️🙏🏻


Leonardo Aston & Mila Helou

God bless you always Eden!


George & Susannah Khouzame

Well done on supporting an amazing cause Eden! What a beautiful girl you are! You will rock short hair regardless 😊


Beaini Family X

So very brave and sweet. God bless x


Adelina Ross


Scarlett Mason And Micah

Eden what and incredible cause from and incredible young lady. Much love always Scarlett, Mason and Micah


Andrew And Diana Magro

Well done Eden! You are a very special girl that your siblings are blessed to have, an amazing role model for them to look up to. God bless you and we can't wait to see your cute new style!


Marc Mourad

Well done Eden! Very proud of you :)


Lexatonia Tiles

Eden Your efforts to support children with cancer and those that are less fortunate shows your wisdom and compassionate heart. May god bless you all the days of your life.. your efforts are to be commended.


Statewide Civil

Amazing work Eden, well done. From Michael and the team at Statewide Civil.


New South Surveys

Eden your amazing . God bless you always.👏👏👏👏


Noah, Maddie And Ollie

So proud of you Eden! God bless you x


Tony Frangi


Lara & Deren Tas

Well done Eden. Such an amazing thing you are doing. Be very proud of yourself! You are making a huge difference and inspiring others


Chloe C

Thank you Eden, you are beautiful inside and out ❤️


Max Diab

Great work Eden!! God bless 🙏🏻🙏🏻


Raymond Raad

Eden Our lord requires of us to act justly with love mercy and to walk humbly in the Lord & that’s what you are doing . He looks on you smiling for your act of mercy and love towards Him


Claudia Chakar

Our dearest gorgeous Eden thank you for inspiring the community with your selfless goal to help kids with cancer. Giving up your beautiful curls is an act of kindness & love for others who are not as fortunate as all of us ❤️ Uncle Norman & Ricky shaved their heads with me when I was going through cancer & it meant so much to me as your generosity will mean the world to those kids suffering 🙏🙏we are so proud of you & love you dearly 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋


Charlotte, Rachael , Chloe & Rebecca

Well done Eden, so proud of your courage and thoughtfulness. May God always shower you with blessings. Lots of love. C,R,C,R Raad.


Uncle Rob And Aunty Ramona

We are so proud of you eden, you are so strong and brave, god bless you we love you very much xx


Belinda, Joey, Gab, Jayden, Anastasia And Manny

"Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves" you embody the values of the Lord or God. You live and breath Catholoc values and our is a pleasure to watch you grow in to the confident, compassionate and loving young lady you are becoming. We love you Eden!


Uncle Norman, Aunty Jacqualine, Soumaya And Raymee Raad

“You have never really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” – Mother Teresa Hair is something that is of this world. We can live without it. Yet so many of us hold such a strong attachment to it. But not you Eden, you are wiser than all of us. What you are doing takes so much courage. God is rejoicing over you our precious God Daughter. Eden Grace, is there anything you can’t do? Xx Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the universe, for bringing Eden Grace into the world.


Samuel Khoury

Amazing Eden! God bless




Elie Hannoun

We're all here to help the little ones when we can ❤️ 💙 💜


Oliver Moses

This is amazing Eden! So proud of you.


George Szelocei

Well done Eden


Ivy And Mary Sassine

Well done Eden. We love you and admire your courage and selflessness to support such an important cause,


Rachael Elias

I’m so proud of you Eden. God bless you xo


Pranavan Yoganathan

Well done young woman - god bless you


Nichola Hajjar

Well done beautiful. Admiring your support towards this cause. 💕


Sofia Ava Canceri

We love you Edie, so proud of you. Very courageous and generous helping’ a child you may never meet x


Morched Family

Well done eden god bless you princess


Tamera Murray

Well done, Eden! That’s a very selfless act.


Marisa, Dion And Mason

This is a great cause Eden! Well done ❤️



So proud of you Eden. Love always George & Catherine Khouzame


Matthew Daoud

So proud of you Eden Love you always Matt and Rhonda


Rema Nader



As you embark on this journey, know that Jesus is with you, guiding and supporting you. Your efforts will bring comfort and joy to the children and their families, reminding them of God's love and care. We are so proud of you!



I love you Eden girl 🌸 🍃


Ashleigh Rae

You’re so beautiful, Eden! So proud of you ♥️


Anthony Baraya

Eden, you are truly an insipration and we will do what we can to help you spread the word of this fantastic deed. Extraordinary commitment from you. We're behind you!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏


Matilda & Amy Athar

So proud of you Eden, what an incredible thing to do and we just think you’re awesome!!!!!


Samira Abboud

Go Eden! A beautiful thing to do for those that are suffering with this terrible disease. You are a champion ❤️



Well done Eden 💕


Noah, Nick & Rosie Tadrosse

What a little superstar you are! Go Eden!


Suzanne Touma


Jamelle Moussa

What an amazing & inspiration young lady.



So proud of you Eden!


Daniel & Dianna Mourad

We are very proud of you Eden Grace.


Helen, Jakem, Jayde And Jerome Saba

To our beautiful princess Eden, I’m so proud of you habibi. Such a special young lady. May God protect you always.




Pauly Daher

What a great cause. God bless 🙏🏽


Lottie And Helena

Amazing, kind Eden! Well done!


Jonathan Hekeik

Well done Eden! So inspiring. 🙏🙏


Jude Hudson


Neve Karam

Good job Eden! Love Neve




Leo Samaranayake

We are so proud of you


Emma K

Great stuff Eden!!! <3


Nat Hwaylo

Inspirational Eden ♡


Samantha Green

What an amazing young lady you are! God bless you sweetheart.


Ozer Ozkose

Good work . 🙏🙏🙏🙏


Genevieve And Scarlett

A little girl is going to be so happy and grateful when she is using your hair. One small act of kindness from you is going to make a world of difference for someone soon. So proud of you Eden. Love you so much Genevieve and Scarlett


Elijah And Raphael

Such a kind and courageous thing you are doing Eden. We love you.


Moussa And Rita

Love you Eden ❤️


Cindy Jabbour

We’re so proud of you beautiful girl. God bless you always. Love from Sophia and Sabelle


Lillian Faulkner-deck


Oviya Soori

Thank you Eden. Great work. Wishing you all the best


Michael Cahalane


Eve And Eli Eun

Thank you Lord for giving Eden a serving heart, may Christ continue to work in you Eden and Raad family. Love, Eve and Eli Eun


Jeremy & Jayden Mouzaffar

Keep up the good work! May God bless you.




Charlie Wei


Lee Atkinson


Carl Fameli