How it works

How it works

Once you create your Care Packs 4 Kids fundraising page, set a fundraising goal to give you something specific to work towards. The more ambitious you are, the more motivated youll be to reach it!

Set a precedent by making the first donation yourself, then share you page with work colleagues, friends and family members #Carepacks4kids

Follow up on Pledges

If someone mentioned they were keen to donate but haven’t, there’s no harm in following up with a  quick call or email. Setting up weekly emails or social media updates to let your supporters know how your efforts are going can be a useful reminder to donate. 

Don’t forget, you can keep on fundraising once your fundraiser finishes. Contacting everyone you approached to let them know how the initiative went might prompt some last-minute donations.

Say Thank you 

Saying thanks is simple but incredibly powerful. Make sure you thank everyone who supported you by updating your fundraising page, sending emails, writing personal notes and thanking people in person. 

Good luck!