Care Packs 4 Kids

For as little as $20.00 you can let sick kids know you care

by providing them with a little pack of surprises!

YOU have the power to create change, to give a little care for a child diagnosed with cancer, to put a smile on a face that is going through so much. A little care can go a long way in helping a child with cancer through their daily treatment in Clinic waiting rooms & long hospital stays.

When you sponsor a Care Pack, your family or business name will go on the box with a big ‘Proudly donated by…If you prefer to do this anonymously, you can write your own caring message to the families, and we will ensure it is included.

The families will know you care and know they are not alone 

Fundraise Now Care Packs 4 Kids

Give a sick child the gift of a care pack that contains tasty treats and activities designed to make wait times at the hospital a little less tedious.

You can create your own fundraising page which you can share with your family and friends to inspire them to follow your lead.

Your name will be placed on the box to let a child and their family know that you are thinking of them. 


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Be Inspired

D'Rozario Family

Sponsoring Care Packs at Easter, with small chocolates inside for a little treat!


Donated 50 Care Packs to put some smiles on little faces!

Adam Kennedy

Donated 10 Care Packs to the kids to spread some Christmas cheer!


Was so happy to receive her Care Pack from our Ambassador Adam Kennedy from the GWS Giants.