Sari Mckenzie

I am shaving my head on the 22nd to raise funds for kids with cancer, any donations are so appreciated ❤️

5 years ago when I was in the hospital I was lucky enough to meet the most beautiful girl named Chloe, she was only 2 years old and had cancer. When I got to meet chloe with her gorgeous curly hair and beautiful smile I realised how truly lucky I am and how blessed I am for the life I have. This is why I want to shave my head, to support families like Chloe’s to help them with the struggles they face. I would absolutely love to raise as much money as I possibly can and  I am asking for your kindness to help me raise this money for these beautiful families.  ❤️

Your donations to this cause that means so much to me, will allow Kids with Cancer Foundation to continue with their financial support of families that have a child suffering cancer.

Please donate to my fundraiser, and share with your family and friends, together we can all make a difference.

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This one’s for Chloe ❤️

Monday 22nd May
The locks are gone, I tried to post a video but it wouldn’t let me. I would just like to say Thank you so so so much to everyone who has donated and shared my page, I truly and deeply appreciate it so much. I have been overwhelmed with love and kindness from you all and I am so extremely grateful. Everyone has been so generous and because of your generosity I have been able to meet my goal! I am still taking donations and would love to raise as much money as I possibly can as I know that every single cent of this money counts and will mean so much to these families. ❤️❤️❤️

Tomorrow’s the day for the shave! 🪒

Sunday 21st May
 Thank you to everyone who has donated! I am so extremely happy and grateful that I have been able to reach my goal! As I said before I would love to raise as much money as possible! So if you are able to, please donate because I know that every cent of this money will mean so much to these families xx
Again, thank you so so so so so so much for donating, i am so extremely grateful that I have been able to reach my goal and I have all of you to thank for that ❤️

3 days until the locks are gone! 💇🏼‍♀️

Friday 19th May

Thank you

Tuesday 16th May
Thank you so much to everyone who has donated so far, I truly appreciate it so much. Your kindness is what's helping me help these beautiful families.  I also want to give a shout out to anyone who’s shared my page thank you so much for helping me get my fundraiser out there. I am still trying to raise as much money as I possibly can, so if you are able to, please donate❤️

Less than a week until I shave my head for kids with cancer! 💇🏼‍♀️

Tuesday 16th May

Thank you to my Sponsors



Your f$&@#% amazing ,


Steph Wilton

Amazing effort Sari - you were too close not to reach your target!


Lauren Lachlan Alyssa Mcneice

The value of our ages, consecutively, for the time so far that we have lived a full life. You’re such a beautiful soul Sari. Good luck xxx




Justine Bridle

One hot 🔥 baldy coming our way.! Go Sar Sar we love you xxx


Mum And Dad

You are amazing sari 😍


Kirsten O'grady

You are such a gorgeous soul Sari. I know that you will reach your Goal xx


Bronte Hart

All the best Sari ! such an amazing girl you are ❤️❤️❤️


The Cheers

You’re our inspiration Sari . ❤️🥰


Lynda & Mark Bell

Go Sari Moon ! You little bundle of awesomeness



You are an amazing beautiful woman, so very proud of you ❤️


Rosalind Mary Mckenzie

Go Sari, I hope you reach your goal!! Xx


Allan Brown

Here's a little bit towards your $5000. Wishing you all the best Sari.


Brooke Carmichael

Love your beautiful heart Sar ❤️


Kai Mckenzie

Strongest chick I know love you always sis


Michelle Mckenzie

You never stop amazing me!! Can’t wait to see you rocking that shaved head x


Wayne And Sam

You are amazing Sari. XXX




Jenny Bourne

What an amazing thing to do. Heart of gold 💙Love your thoughts for others . Go Sari


Laura Bridle

Love you sar! Gunna be one beautiful baldy Xx




Janet And Dave Smith

Beautiful Sari❤️


Michelle Cramer

What a wonderful gift you’re giving Sari, you’re story is beautiful xo


Jayde Bourne

You are my role model 🩵 Iucky to call you my cousin


Kylie P

You are one amazing chic Sari 👑 Such a kind and caring heart ♥️ we love you 😘 girlfriend!


Sharon Murphy

Great stuff Sari x


Louise Schneider

Hey Sari you are a ray of sunshine❤️❤️


Hayley Vandenberg

Sari, you are a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart and soul. Such an amazing thing to do xx


Clint Robinson

Good on you Sari i with you all the best you have amazing parents who are very proud of you


Leesa Flanagan

Love your thoughtful ness Sari


Nic Donohoe

An inspiration you are ❤️


Michael Redfearn

Good luc Sari. Great effort. 👊


Renee , Wazza, Jae And Cleo

Go Sari! Awesome xx



You’re amazing Sari , you go girl ⭐️💞 hope you’ve got a nice warm beanie 😘


Caitlin Davison


Jeanette Mckenzie

Hugs x


Cleo Bell

Sari, you never fail to amaze me! Love you so much x


Ken Webb

Great cause!




Ann Graham

Bravo Sari! You are amazing!


Lahni Cramer


Trev And Bin

Go Sari 🧡🧡


Tinzo And Jimmy G

What a ledge Sari! Love to you and all the fam xoxoxo


Trish And Jemma Joyce

Awesome Sari! You are a superstar.


Lee Coombes

You are an amazing lady and an inspiration ❤️ Thank you🙏


Rob Schouten

You’re a beauty


Ciarn Gallagher

You’re a beautiful human Sari! Love you lots sister xxxx


Cher And Mark V.


Sharee Murphy

Go Sari 💗


Diana Schadow

So proud of you sari, your bloody awesome


Jennie Hockey

I wish you all the very best 💕


Angela Maxwell-mcrae


Jan Carney

So brave…need some special ear rings now


Megan Adams

You are amazing Sari! What a great cause.


Dee Somers

You are absolutely amazing x




Julia Cable


Hazel Stinson

What an incredible thing to do! Much love ❤️


Jasmine Bourne

You are so so inspiring 🥹💛 I just love you to bits


Annette Travers


Jess Tattersall

You’re a inspiration gorgeous girl well done!



You should be so very proud of yourself sweety 💕🙏



One beautiful legend 🌺




Swift Family

It’s great what you’re doing. Good luck


Sage Roveglia

So proud of you! ❤️



All the best.. what an amazing woman you’ve grown up to be💕


Jared Mckenzie


Madi Fuhrer

You’re amazing Sari x


Katie Webb

You’re incredible😍🥰


Chloe Nash


Phoebe Bell

You are amazing Sar !!!


Eliza Charlton

All the best! 🫶


Marli Carmichael

Hey Sari, You are so brave and so amazing. Love Marli xx❤️